The Lottery Logician's Formula
by Jerry Cardelli
The Amazing Marvel of Number Recurrence     

Over the last 27 years, this Marvel has been talked about, debated, copied and utilized by many people using lottery systems around the world. My original copyright was written in 1985, The Lottery Logician’s Formula. It was then published through Eastern Publications Marketing at that time, which was my Publishing Company.  It has been one of the most Common Sense Lottery Formulas ever written and I developed it by using something I stumbled upon after years of research. It is a phenomenon of number recurrence utilizing the “Trick Pair,” Back when only 16 States played the Lotteries.
I still get a chuckle when a lot of people make statements like: “I can show you how to win the lottery guaranteed.”

Too many have looked at this Topic as money scams, get rich quick schemes and continuously prey on people who believe that someone will help them win the lottery! That is the depth of many products on the market today! I also agree most are scams and there are no quick ways to win any lottery. The only thing that we can all bank on is the fact; that we can slightly decrease odds in order to increase our chances of luck.

The first thing to realize about any lottery is that you must play in order to win. Through statistics, by using easy to follow charts and worksheets, you will be able to track and regenerate the most probable digit combinations on any given day within certain Time Spans. Amazingly, your daily digit combinations will be much, much more accurate than the picks of people who do not use the Lottery Logician’s Formula on a daily basis.

This Formula and Tracking, System is a common sense 50 page handbook on how to play any State Lottery and win more often by decreasing the odds and increasing your chances of winning.

It is derived from statistics, common logics and simple math. It can be used in any 3, 4, 5, and 6, Digit, State Lottery Games. This book is not affiliated with any State Lottery Commission. Any copy or reproduction of this book without the written consent of the author is prohibited. All marketing and distribution rights are reserved, unless authorized in writing to Jerry Cardelli at there will be a soon to be published advanced edition, “The Lottery Logician’s Formula II.”

Since State Lotteries began, there have been many biased opinions on the subject of which digits are most likely to be drawn in any given time span. The list of ways to win is endless. Somebody in one part of the country claims that if your lottery picks are sent to him, he will have them blessed and assure you a fortune. Another “expert” claims that biorhythm charts and astrological readings are the keys to determining the right numbers at the right times for you to win.
There are even dream analysts who assert that your dreams have certain meanings that can be translated into winning numbers.

The list goes on and on, of course to include popular personal methods. There are telephone numbers, license plate numbers, a newborn’s weight at birth, addresses, birthdates, wedding dates, ages, or simply three, four, five and six digit numbers taken of the top of one’s head.

These are all fine and legitimate ways to play the lotteries and the Lottery Logician certainly won’t deny that these methods may work for a lot of people. But the most important fact to remember is that these people are dealing with all LUCK!
Jerry Cardelli                                                   Copyright 1985 - 2013
The Lottery Logician's Formula
A common sense Handbook on how to decrease odds in any State Lottery by utilizing Trick Pairs from Number Recurrence.

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